Simeda® innovations
High-precision customized prosthetics

Simeda® innovations

Simeda®  brings innovation into dental customized prosthetics, like the inLink® connection, the first locking system totally integrated in the prosthesis, with no handling or screw transfer, AxIN®, the new esthetic screw retained tooth, without cement for biological safety, or Simeda® Additive titanium suprastructures for unrivaled design freedom.


Brochures & catalogs

Axiom® Multi Level® 2020 Catalog

Low res
EN_2020-02_C199_LR 17.02.2020 PDF, 17 MB Download

Simeda Who's Who

Components overview - Low res
EN_2020-07_C205_LR 22.07.2020 PDF, 2 MB Download

Simeda® CAD/CAM Brochure

Low res
EN_2021-02_C187_LR 02.12.2020 PDF, 14 MB Download

Simeda® CAD/CAM Panorama

Customized prosthetic solutions - Low res
EN_2020-06_C184_LR 02.07.2020 PDF, 4 MB Download

Clinical resources

Clinical Article - AxIN® - Dr Margossian - Titane

Change of paradigm in anterior implant positioning
EN_2019-12_Axin_Margossian_Titane 26.06.2020 PDF, 4 MB Download

Clinical Article - CAD/CAM - Dr Gargallo - EDI

Optimized emergence profile
EN_2017_CADCAM_Gargallo_EDI 26.06.2020 PDF, 1 MB Download

Clinical Article - CAD/CAM - OsteoSafe® - Dr Khoury & Revise - Implants

Automatic crestal sinus lift procedure
EN_2016_CADCAM_khoury-revise_Implants 22.10.2020 PDF, 1 MB Download

Clinical Article - CAD/CAM technology - Dr Demange - CADCAM

Adaptation of traditional working methods
EN_2016-10_CADCAM_Demange 26.06.2020 PDF, 5 MB Download

Clinical Article - inLink® - Dr Slabbert-Dolding - IDT

A perfect fit
EN_2018-09_inLink_Slabbert-Dolding_IDT 26.06.2020 PDF, 2 MB Download

Clinical Case - Axiom® TL - Dr Norré & Mr Donck

Full Arch extraction, implantation in immediate use
EN_TL_norre-donck 22.10.2020 PDF, 1 MB Download

Clinical Review AxIN®

Low res
EN_C189_LR 20.10.2020 PDF, 7 MB Download

Clinical Review Axiom® Multi Level

Low res
EN_2020-02_C193_LR 16.06.2020 PDF, 22 MB Download


Simeda® CAD/CAM Solutions Video

Simeda® customised prostheses solutions by Anthogyr
EN_2020-12_SIMEDA_MP4 11.12.2020 MP4, 258 MB

Manuals & user guides

CAD/CAM Instructions For Use

Simeda® customized prostheses
EN_2020-09_CADCAM-IFU 01.04.2021 PDF, 156 KB Download

CAD/CAM Manual

Customised prosthesis design manual
EN_2021-04_MANUEL-CAD-CAM 01.04.2021 PDF, 2 MB Download

Simeda® compatibility list

EN_2021-04_SIMEDA-COMPATIBILITY 01.04.2021 PDF, 165 KB Download

Simeda® delivery time

EN_2021_SimedaDeliveryTime 18.06.2021 PDF, 537 KB Download

Sina XT-T Zirconia technical datasheet

Low res
EN_2021-05_SinaXT-T_Datasheet_LR 11.06.2021 PDF, 549 KB Download

Sina-ML Zirconia technical datasheet

EN_2018-05_DATASHEET_SINA-ML 08.01.2021 PDF, 158 KB Download

Sina-Z / Sina-T Zirconia technical datasheet

EN_2020-07_DATASHEET_SINA-Z/T 08.01.2021 PDF, 548 KB Download

Titanium technical datasheet

Milling and additive
EN_2020-06_DATASHEET_TITANIUM 08.01.2021 PDF, 851 KB Download