High-performance design

Axiom X3® dental implant is a unique design for controlled insertion and optimal stability in a wide range of indications, with maximum bone preservation regardless of density.

Axiom X3® completes the Axiom® range, which includes 3 dental implant designs - X3®, PX and REG - and combines 2 clinical approaches with Axiom® Bone Level and Axiom® Tissue Level.

Single conical connection
Prosthetic flexibility

Narrow collar diameter
Less cortical stress

Tapered shape
Better primary stability 
in low-density bone

Slim threads of
alternating depth
Ease of insertion
and lower stress in
high-density bon

3 bi-directional
cutting grooves
Dynamic insertion guidance along the entire length of the implant

Narrow, rounded apex
Inserts smoothly into narrow osteotomy sites and protects the sinus membrane

Tissue-Favored Design
Anatomic collar design for 
maximum gingival volume
and enhanced soft tissue outcomes

Universal bone anchorage

  • Minimal drill sequence for reduced bone stress in high-density bone.
  • Adaptable drilling protocol for added stability in low-density bone.
  • Suitable for immediate placement protocols.

Bone preservation

  • Adaptable drilling protocols.
  • Minimally invasiveness: fewer drills,
    no taps.
  • Retention of bone fragments.

Follow your own path

  • No just get insertion power,
    but full control over your choice of insertion path.
  • Dynamically engages for optimal stability.
  • Adapts to all clinical situations, including immediate placement.

Axiom X3®, clinically proven and approved!

Download Axiom X3® technical and scientific review and learn about evidence on which the development of Axiom X3® implant is based.

After a few months of use with a group of 70 European partner surgeons, the clinical feedback is very positive. We invite you to discover these results and the different facets of the clinical use of the Axiom X3® dental implant.

Axiom X3® case reports

Axiom® surgical kit

One single compact surgical kit for both Axiom® Bone Level & Tissue Level implants, X3®, PX and REG profiles

  •  User-friendly
  •  Freedom & flexibility
  •  Efficient protocols
  •  Bring serenity into your practice

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