Axiom® Tissue Level
Transgingival implant designed for biological safety

Supports soft tissue growth
and stability

Axiom® Tissue Level implant promotes biological safety and easy prosthesis insertion at the gingival level. It helps to preserve the epithelium and connective tissue attachment. The Axiom® TL implant is available in 3 profiles:

  • X3 profile, designed for universal bone stability and clinical adaptability, including immediate treatment protocols,
  • PX profile preferred for immediate post-extraction implantation for better bone anchorage,
  • REG profile, suitable for most clinical indications.
Respect for biological process
  • Safe prosthetic approach at gingival level
  • Epithelium and connective tissue attachment preserved
Optimal tissue management
  • Maximized tissue volume - Tissue Favored Design
  • Smooth surface, optimal contact with gingival
Prosthetic comfort
  • Double connection, from single to multiple restorations
  • Natural emergence profiles, 6 gingival profiles available
CAD/CAM driven
  • Complete TiBase range on standard connection
    inLink® direct connection for Simeda® innovative
    plural screw-retained restoration

Axiom® surgical kit

One single compact surgical kit for both Axiomc Bone Level & Tissue Level implants, X3®, PX and REG profiles

  •  User friendly
  •  Freedom & flexibility
  •  Efficient protocols
  •  Bring serenity into your practice

Axiom® implant packaging

Innovative, simple and reliable packaging!

  • No touch solution
  • Press and play!
  • Plugs directly into the implant
  • Repositioning during surgery
  • Cover screw included

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