Mont Blanc® range for surgery and implantology
Partner for your surgical procedures

Partner for your surgical procedures

Mont Blanc® is a complete line of general dentistry, implant and surgery handpieces. Manufactured in France in a state of the art industrial facility, the Mont Blanc®contra-angles feature the latest technological advancements.

Result of an experience of more than 70 years, the Mont Blanc® contra-angles have been designed to yield efficiency and safety in your dental practice. Their design and ergonomics aim to offer ideal comfort to practitioners.

High torque resistance

80 guarantees capacity regardless of bone density and ensures contra-angle longevity

Elegance and ergonomics

Streamlined and aesthetically pleasing design
Perfect angulation improving access to bone area & comfortable in the hand for precision drilling

Fully dismantable for more reliability

Fully removable head designed for optimal decontamination 
Can be disassembled without using any tooling, which saves a lot of time

Total safety (1401X, XLED, XL)

High precision: the adjustable stop system determines the exact drilling depth
Minimized size for easy access and maximum visibility

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