Axiom® implant solutions Uncompromising performance

With Multi Level®,
the choice is yours! 

With our complementary Axiom® Bone and Tissuel Level dental solutions, give each patient the treatment that most closely fits their anatomic and esthetic needs.

  • One surgical kit for all systems
  • Efficient protocols
Guided by prosthesis
  • Integrates CAD/CAM solutions Simeda®
  • Digital Labside solutions and exhaustive range of components
Biological safety & predictable results
  • High-performance implant profiles for bone stability
  • Non-invasive design for soft tissue volume
Intelligent product range
  • Complete and adaptable range for complementary solutions between Axiom® Bone Level or Tissue Level
  • Flexibility to improve treatment plans

Axiom® surgical kit

One single compact surgical kit for both Axiom® Bone Level & Tissue Level implants, X3®, PX and REG profiles

  •  User-friendly
  •  Freedom & flexibility
  •  Efficient protocols
  •  Bring serenity into your practice

Axiom® is clinically and scientifically proven

  • Grade V(1) medical titanium for optimal longevity
  • Osseointegration that you can depend on: Grade V(1) medical titanium and clean BCP(2) surface treatment

(1) Ti6Al-4V-ELI. (2) Substractive treatment with biphasic calcium phosphate media.

Axiom® implant packaging

Innovative, simple, and reliable packaging!

  • No-touch solution
  • Press and play!
  • Plugs directly into the implant
  • Repositions during surgery
  • Cover screw included



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