Axiom® 2.8
prosthetic line
Prosthetic solutions
for narrow mesio-distal spaces

Axiom® 2.8 prosthetic line

The Axiom® 2.8 prosthetic line is dedicated to the Axiom® 2.8 dental implant. It offers prosthetic solutions for narrow mesio-distal spaces in the area.

The Axiom® 2.8 connection is a true 3° Morse taper connection. The final abutments are held in place without fixation screws and are inserted gently with controlled impact using Safe Lock®.

Prosthetic flexibility of a two-part implant

Preservation of the 2.8 mm diameter for prosthetic profile

Comprehensive prosthetic range for one or two-stage surgery

Stress free soft tissue management thanks to constant emergence profile from healing plug to final abutment

Axiom® 2.8 surgical
and prosthetic kit

One dedicated surgical kit for both surgery and prosthetic protocols

  •  Easy, practical and logical layout
  • Compact and ergonomic kit
  •  Smart protocol

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