Axiom® implant packaging 
Innovative, simple,
and reliable packaging

Anthogyr offers a smart, innovative, and simple packaging solution for the entire Axiom® range

This "press and play" concept gives you easy handling and flexibility for more convenience during surgery. Open with one hand, direct plug your instrument into the implant, and feel at ease to replace it during surgery when needed.

No-touch solution
  • Direct contact with the implant at the contra-angle
  • Plugs directly into the implant
Intuitive opening with one hand
  • Implant handling using "CLAMP"
  • Visible "PRESS" marking
  • Ability to reposition the implant during surgery
Protecting the implant
  • Protective cap containing a screw or cover plug
    for the Axiom® 2.8
  • Titanium clamp

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