Board of Directors

Regula Wallimann

Swiss (born 1967)
Chairwoman of the Audit & Risk Committee
Board Member since 2017

Regula Wallimann

Other main activities in 2018:
Member of the Board of Adecco Group AG; Member of the Board of Helvetia Holding AG; Member of the Board of Swissgrid AG (chairs its Finance & Audit Committee); Supervisory Board Member of the Institute for Accounting, Control and Auditing at St. Gallen University.

Career highlights:
Regula Wallimann worked for KPMG from 1993 to 2017. As a Global Lead Partner from 2003 on, she was responsible for several global companies. She was a member of the strategic partners committee of KPMG Switzerland from 2012 to 2014. In 2017, she started a new career as an independent financial expert and board member.

Degree in Business Administration, Economics and Accounting from St. Gallen University; management studies at INSEAD; Certified Public Accountant in the US and in Switzerland.

Key attributes for the Board:
Regula Wallimann is an expert in multinational group auditing, financial reporting, risk management and corporate governance.