More than 75 years of passion

Anthogyr has more than 75 years of history, innovations, encounters, professionals and expertise. Welcome to the heart of the company with the Anthogyr Book.

1800 - 1947, the roots of Anthogyr

The Anthogyr family adventure began when Claude Anthoine, the first to bear the name, began watchmaking in 1800. Then in 1917, his grandson Émile founded Anthoine Émile et Fils (AEF).


Birth of the Anthogyr brand: in 1943 the company began to produce dental instruments. The name "Anthogyr" being a fusion of “Antho” from "Anthoine" and "gyr" meaning to "turn".


The Anthogyr company, specializing in dentistry is founded by René Anthoine.

1950 - 1970, Anthogyr makes everything but the dentist’s chair

In 1949, Anthogyr already manufactures a wide range of accessories and highly technical dental instruments. In 1950, Anthogyr files a patent - the first in a long series - for a motorized rope dental hand-piece.

Outsourcing at Anthogyr, a window of innovation and a stimulus factor

Anthogyr takes its first steps in subcontracting in cutting edge markets like connected technology and medicine.

1980 - 1990, a dazzling development

This period marks a turning point in modernity for Anthogyr, with the arrival of Claude Anthoine in 1979, and the manufacture of his first dental implants outsourced a few years later.


1st implant are subscontacted by Anthogyr to manufacture the cross-section of the disc implant invented by dental surgeon Gérard Scortecci.


Anthogyr creates the R&D department.


With its image for quality and reliability, Anthogyr marketed its first implant under its own name: Anthofit, assisted by Dr. Louis Durif. His sons, Drs. Gilles and Charles Durif are still Anthogyr partners.


Anthogyr continues to manufacture dental instruments and accessories, launching Niti Control®, an innovative endodontic instrument.


Anthogyr creates Anthogyr Campus, a training and education center.


Anthogyr releases its Mont-Blanc line. The line of instruments is used in implant surgery

2010, a new area

Eric Genève becomes General Manager in 2008 and President in 2010.

He signed the Axiom® launch in 2009, a high-performance implant system at the heart of the Anthogyr implantology strategy and went along with the international expansion of the brand with a lot of subsidiaries opening in Europe, South America and Asia.

2007 marked the great turning point for implantology


Anthogyr moves into a new, much larger and ultra-modern production site in Sallanches.


Anthogyr launches Axiom® Concept, a new line of implants. The launch of this range sees the emergence of Anthogyr at the cutting edge of the implantology market.


The concept Axiom® range grows with the addition of Axiom® PX implant.

Anthogyr releases its 2nd motor Implanteo® LED motor.


Anthogyr acquires Simeda®, an expert in design and manufacture of customized prostheses. This acquisition is key in the prosthetic driven strategy for Anthogyr.


Anthogyr signs an unprecedented partnership agreement with Straumann group to accelerate its growth in China, after 15 years of presence in this amazing territory.


Anthogyr continues to advance in the implantology market and launches the Axiom® Multi Level® solution which paves the way for new fields of treatment.


Anthogyr celebrates its 70 year anniversary with its 350 employees.

From 2019 to today


Anthogyr joins the Straumann Group, 3 years after a successful partnership to develop the Anthogyr brand in China. The objective is to accelerate our development to become a global brand and strengthen our presence internationally. 

2020, we still innovate with Simeda®

Anthogyr continues to innovate within Simeda® solutions, AxIN®, a screw-retained zirconia Simeda® tooth with Angulated Access, Simeda® Additive,titanium suprastructures based on additive technology for a full resin metal prosthesis.

2021 - 2022
Major player in implant innovation

In 2021, Anthogyr introduced its cutting-edge connected implantology motor, Xpert Unit®, along with a specialized range for Mini Implants. Celebrating two decades of partnership with China marked a significant milestone for Anthogyr.

Pushing boundaries further, Anthogyr unveiled Axiom X3® Bone Level in 2022, featuring a groundbreaking design for implant solutions. Expanding its surgical repertoire, Anthogyr crafted INTEGRAL, a comprehensive guided surgery solution, to enhance its offerings.

2023 – Today
A full Axiom® range for all needs

In 2023, Anthogyr expanded its Axiom® range with the introduction of the Axiom X3® Tissue Level implant, rounding out the collection to three distinct models - X3, PX, and REG. This comprehensive range seamlessly merges two clinical approaches, Axiom® BL and Axiom® TL, providing enhanced flexibility and options for practitioners.