Who we are

Anthogyr is a French manufacturer located in the Alps, in the Mont-Blanc valley. We rely on 70 years of industrial expertise, in the production of high precision medical and dental devices. We are renowned for our 30 years of groundbreaking innovation in dental implantology

Anthogyr is creating new paths in implant treatment with complete and high-performance surgical solutions driven by a prosthetic approach.

We provide convenient and bold implant solutions for prosthetic success and patient satisfaction.

We provide innovative and efficient clinical solutions from both a surgical and a prosthetic perspective. The dedication to find a predictable response to all patient needs at an adapted cost. 

  • 70 years of medical expertise


  • 30 years of implant audacity


  • Located close to Mont-Blanc


A great human adventure

Nurturing in a strong family-spirit, we are people-centric. We enjoy the quality of strong relations, observing and listening, because we are confident we can go further together.

We are an agile company, exploring new paths together to reach your objectives.

Our audacity and ingenuity, our collective commitment are serving our perpetual search for excellence at every level.


    people centric, proximity, quality of relationship


    expertise at every level, development, manufacture, services


    ingenious solutions, convenience coupled with expertise and agility


    collective energy, dynamism, people acting as a team


    responsible professionals improving patient care


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Inside Corporate Magazine

#6 Special Edition - 2019 - Low res
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#3 - Autumn 2016 - Low res
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#2 - Winter 2015 - Low res
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#2 Special Edition - 2016 - Low res
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#4 - Spring 2017 - Low res
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#6 - January 2019 - Low res
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#5 - February 2018 - Low res
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N°7 - Axiom 10 years - Low res
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Inside Corporate Magazine

#1 - November 2014 - Low res
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Anthogyr International Video

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Axiom 10 years Creativity video

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Axiom 10 years Inside video

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Axiom 10 years teasing video

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Made for You

Corporate Video
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Making-of - Made for You

Making-of - Corporate video
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