18 nov. 2022 Clinic

Discover how the use of Osteo Safe®
improves patient comfort

At the EAO 2022 Congress, some outstanding results of a clinical trial on Osteo Safe® were presented.

The use of Osteo Safe® in transcrestal sinus elevation procedures : patient reported outcomes

The Periodontology and Oral Microbiology team of the University Hospital of Leuven, composed of Pr Marc Quirynen, Pr Andy Temmerman, Pr Wim Teughels , Mrs Ana Castro B and Dr Manoetjer Siawasch (Author of the poster) present some outstanding results of the ongoing randomized, blinded controlled clinical trial on Osteo Safe® in a poster (n° PO-71).

The aim of this study was to assess the post operative sensation experienced by the patients when treated with the Osteo Safe® compared to the conventional osteotomes.

In conclusion, Osteo Safe®  is a better alternative to conventional osteotomes in terms of post operative discomfort. The use of Osteo Safe® will increase the patient’s acceptance for transcrestal sinus floor elevation.