2 November 2021 Products & services

Discover our Mini Implant System clinical cases

Discover the Anthogyr Mini Implant System, a minimally invasive implant solution for edentulous patients! 

The Anthogy­r Mini Implant Sy­stem offers one-piece small diameter implant combined with an integrated Optiloc® prosthetic connection, dedicated to removable overdenture stabilization.

The solution is indicated for patients with totally edentulous mandible and/or maxilla presenting severe reduced horizontal bone availability. It offers minimally invasive treatment, without compromising with reliability, performance nor advanced patient comfort. 

Allowing to increase patient acceptance for implant treatment by eliminating bone augmentation, this reliable cost accessible treatment solution offers predictable and durable implant-retained overdenture solution offering satisfactory outcomes and renewed improved quality of life to patients.

Discover Mini Implant System clinical cases 

  • Dr Authelain, France    
  • Dr Bailly, France   
  • Dr Salina, Italy

Dr Claude AUTHELAIN, France 

“The Anthogyr Mini Implant System is a new opportunity associated to the small diameter of the implant, which allows placement in thin ridges. It is also suitable for the peri-implantis indications, as the small diameter allows anchorage in residual bone islands.”