14th April 2023 Products & services

New Anthogyr Patient communication pack

Anthogyr presents its new "implanting confidence" communication
tool kit dedicated to patients.

Anthogyr offers a new "implanting confidence" communication toolkit
to help dental professionals communicate with their patients.

Receiving implant treatment, restoring the smile and the ability to eat/chew helps restore confidence to patients with dental problems: 

  • Confidence in yourself,
  • Confidence in their choices,
  • Confidence in life,
  • Confidence in the future.

With their new smile, they can enjoy a new freedom,
and build new projects with confidence.

To support dentists, Anthogyr now offers
a tool for each step of the patient journey:

  • To equip the waiting room: posters,
    a video, wallpapers
  • To inform patients before or after their visit or after their visit: a website and brochures, with educational illustrations on implant treatment, produced by Dr. François Vigouroux
  • During and after appointments,
    all stationery useful to the practitioner:
    appointment card, letterhead, patient file
  • After the implant and prosthesis:
    the patient's passport, for the follow-up
    of the treatment

This kit will soon be completed with other useful tools for the dentist or implantologist, as part of his or her consultation prior to dental surgery. The objective is to support the patient's acceptance of the treatment by the patient.

More information: anthogyr.com/patients