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80 years of legacy

With 80 years of high-tech industrial expertise, Anthogyr stands out for its excellence in the heart of the French Alps.

Our production site, a true center of competence in precision micromechanics, brings together 300 passionate employees.

With our entrepreneurial spirit and family ethic, we are committed to providing innovative, high-quality implantology solutions.

Everyday we act for innovation

At Anthogyr, innovation is a second nature. 

Visionary and passionate, our multidisciplinary R&D teams imagine, design and develop new dental implantology solutions that are ever more effective and innovative, based on the exchange and experience sharing.

With almost 60 patents filed and nearly 70 trademarks registered, Anthogyr aims to simplify clinical practice and improve patient comfort.


Building connections, nurturing relationships, and valuing team spirit are integral to our identity. That's why we strive to increase opportunities to connect with you.

Our Immersion 360° events, Anthogyr Campus training program, and exclusive Le Cercle events reflect our desire to cherish creating intense, unforgettable experiences and shared memories... This close bond is incredibly important to us. 

Discover Anthogyr like never before,
through boldness and emotion.

Let's rise to new heights together with Nathan Paulin, a highliner on the rise, who perfectly embodies our values, to rediscover our identity in a fresh, unique way.

Anthogyr & Nathan: it’s a beautiful story, the story of a unique encounter, a true mutual passion, and a shared mindset.

We invite you to share the Anthogyr experience by exploring new perspectives.

Stay connected; the story continues in September!


Nathan Paulin, a highliner, describes himself as a skywalker. Born in 1994, Nathan has been passionate about the mountains since a very young age. 

Originally from the French Alps near Sallanches, he participates in various mountain sports such as paragliding, mountaineering, skiing, cycling,
and trail running. 

He started slacklining in 2011 and now holds around a dozen world records.
As a renowned athlete respected by his peers, he moves between sport and art
at some of the most stunning locations
in the world.

we are anthogyr.

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©Credit photos: David Machet.